Harrar and Awash National Park

Awash is in the Rift Valley and we visited the National Park - first stop at the Falls before going on a game drive

The Awash national park is the closest thing Ethiopian has to the Savanna reserves of east Africa. It has covered the arid section of the Rift Valley that follows the course of the Awash River north of Awash National park, which is a paradise for bird watchers as well.  This fascinating and very different part of Ethiopia is also home for the pastoralist Afar people and a stopover for adventurous heading to Er’tale active volcano and Dallol Depression.

The last touristic route to this side concentrate on the great walled city of Harar, the spiritual home of Ethiopia’s large Muslim community and the base from which Ahemed Gragn waged his 16thc war against the Christian highlanders. Harar formed the most important trade center in Ethiopia for much of the 19thc, when the British explorer Richard Burton visited it and home to the French poet Arthur Rimbaud. It is also birthplace of the late Emperor Haile Selassie. Today Harar is one of the top rated tourist destinations because of its colorful market and people, walled town and Muslim shrines above all with its renowned hyena men performance .

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