Combined Package

MT-11 Combination of Ethiopian Christmas and Epiphany
18 days and 17 nights
Day1-Arrival and city tour
Day2-January 6, Fly to Lalibela and explore Lalibela
Day3-January 7, attend Christmas ceremony at Bete Mariam Church
Day4-Drive to Mekele
Day5-Drive to Dallol depression
Day6-Morning explores Dallol depression and drive to Geraltha
Day7-Explore Tigray Rock Churches
Day8-Explore Tigray Rock churches
Day9- Drive to Aksum
Day10-Explore Aksum and its surrounding
Day11-Drive to Semien Mountain
Day12-Explore Semien Mountains
Day13-January 17 Drive Gondar and explore Gondar
Day14-January 18 Drive Gorgora and attend eve of Epiphany
Day15-January 19 Attend Epiphany ceremony
Day16-Boat crossing to Bahir Dar
Day17-Excursion to Blue Nile
Day18-Fly back to Addis and Home

MT-5 Harar, Awash and Bale mountains combination
10days and 9nights
Day1-Arrival in Addis and city tour
Day2-Fly to Dire Dawa
Day3-Drive to Harar and explore Harar
Day4-Drive to Awash
Day5-Explore Awash
Day6-Drive to Langano
Day7-Drive to Bale Mountains
Day8-Explore Bale Mountains
Day9-Excursion to Sof Omar
Day10-Drive back to Addis

MT-6 Combination tour to the Northern and Southern part of Ethiopia
19days and 18nights
Day1-Arrival in Addis and city tour
Day2-Fly to Bahir Dar and boat trip on Lake Tana
Day3-Drive to Gondar and explore Gondar
Day4-Drive to Semien Mountain National Park
Day5-Excursion to Chenek
Day6-Drive to Aksum
Day7-Explore Aksum
Day8- Fly to Lalibela
Day9-Explore Lalibela
Day10-Fly to Addis and drive to Langano
Day11-Drive to Arba Minch
Day12-Drive to Konso via boat on Chamo
Day13-Drive Konso to Turmi
Day14-Excursion to Omorate
Day15-Excursion to Karo
Day16-Drive to Jinka
Day17-Excursion to Mursi village
Day18-Drive to Arba Minch
Day19-Fly back to Addis